1PIPENPenne Rigate500 g80138850300265/7 minutes
1PIFUSFusilli500 g80138850300195/7 minutes
1PISEDSedani500 g80138850300575/7 minutes
1PIMARMarziani500 g80138850300955/7 minutes
1PILULLumache lisce 500 g80138850302625/7 minutes
1PISPASpaghetti500 g80138850302245/7 minutes
1PITAGTagliatelle500 g80138850302555/7 minutes
1PICAPCapellini500 g80138850302485/7 minutes
1PICORCornetti500 g80138850301945/7 minutes
1PIMACMacaronis500 g80138850301495/7 minutes
1PIDITDitalini 500 g80138850301565/7 minutes
1PIBIABiavetta500 g80138850302175/7 minutes
1PISTEStelline500 g80138850301875/7 minutes
1PIVERVermicelli500 g80138850301635/7 minutes

* purely Italian durum wheat

This pasta is manufactured only with selected raw materials. The durum wheat used is purely Italian and comes completely from Sicily. We don’t use nor imported wheat nor wheat coming from other parts of Italy. We mill the durum wheat by ourselves, with which we obtain the whole durum wheat semolina we use to manufacture our pasta. The pasta making is marked by a slow drying process at low temperature enabling to preserve most of the nutrition properties and the typical taste of the wheat.

The result is an organic quality pasta

Food preservation: keep in a fresh, dry, clean, odourless taste, out of sun rays

Design // Mood di Francesco Panico
Sviluppo // Paolo Faccini

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